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Thank you for your interest in Catharine Blaine K-8.

School tours for incoming new families are generally held in January/February of each year, and include an introduction to Catharine Blaine by the Principal, PTA Presentation, Q & A Session and a school building tour.

Tour dates for 2018 are:

January 11, 2018 @ 9:30 am to 10:30 am

January 30, 2018 @ 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Please note that this event is intended for parents only. No childcare is available for these tours and these are the only tour dates for this year. 

We are unable accommodate requests for private tours. 

For more information about attendance areas and open enrollment please check the district website.  




Welcome Kindergarten Families!


Where do we drop our kids off for school?

All Blaine Elementary (K-5) students line up outside on the back playground. Each classroom number is painted on the ground and children will line up and wait for their teacher to come get them after the 2nd bell. Parents are welcome to wait with their student but saying goodbye outside is best. Please do not enter the building to drop of backpacks, etc. before school.

Where should I park?

Both the front parking lot and the pool parking lot are NOT official school parking lots. Please use the streets for parking and walk to school for pickup and drop-off.

Where do we pick up our Kindergartners after school?

Kindergartners are dismissed at 3:10. Kindergartners are dismissed on the back playground nearest the Kinder Classrooms. Your child will let us know when he/she sees a parent or caregiver. If your child will attend Ton of Fun, his/her teacher will check him/her in with a Ton of Fun staff member who will walk all the Kindergartners to Ton of Fun together.

What are the lunch procedures for Kindergarten?

It is best to send a sack/box lunch with your kindergartner if possible for the first few days until the students get used to the lunch routine. All the Kindergarten teachers eat with their classes in the cafeteria for the first few weeks. The Kindergarten students have the first lunchtime, so they are the only students in the lunchroom for the first 15 minutes. After those first 15 minutes, the older grades start coming in and the Kindergartners are dismissed to recess. They have a 15-minute recess after lunch.

Once your child gets settled in, Kindergartners can either continue to bring a sack/box lunch from home or they can buy hot lunch from the cafeteria. The kindergartners will each get a special hot lunch code to buy lunch and there will be information in your “First Day Packet” on how to pay for hot lunch.



More information here.


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Current Maps

Data: Enrollment and Projections

Open Enrollment and School Choice

Past Boundary Changes

For questions about Magnolia Elementary, please email Principal Katie Cryan Leary:


For enrollment data questions, please email:


For school boundary questions and comments, please email:




School Safety


what we do at blaine to ensure everyone’s safety:

Drills/emergency events

Our school safety committee has asked that the following procedures and instructions be shared out to our community at Blaine. For specific details around Seattle School District's safety policies please visit their website, www.seattleschools.org

Below you will find information on: a) what we do at Blaine to help prepare for unpredictable events and ensure the safety of our students, staff, volunteers, and community members on our campus, and b) what we need YOU to do on a daily basis and in case of emergencies, whether you are on or off our campus. We realize this page is fraught with elements of the unknown, perhaps leaving more questions than answers. This will by no means answer every what-if question or scenario that could possibly come up, but it will give you some guidelines of which you need to be aware.

Federal and state laws require Seattle schools to conduct monthly drills, with a minimum of one of each of the following:

  • Earthquake drills

  • Fire drills requiring evacuation

  • Lockdown drills

  • 1 Shelter-In-Place drill



During an earthquake or earthquake drill, you will want to find the nearest surface under which to duck and cover. There may be studies and theories that suggest other actions to take. This is the action that our local police and fire departments require us to take. We ask you to do the same.



A lockdown is called if there is a threat to those on our campus within or near the school boundaries. In the case of a lockdown situation, playground and hallways are evacuated into appropriate classrooms, all exterior and classroom doors are then immediately locked, blinds are pulled, lights are turned off, and all students, staff, volunteers, and visitors are hidden in stillness and silence.

Know that in an event of an actual lockdown, the district will communicate and update you. It is imperative that you update your email and phone information with us in the office and that you add SPS to your email whitelist. To sign up for text message alerts, please click here.

In the event of a lockdown, please get into the nearest classroom and respect the instructions of the teacher. If you are in, or closest to, the office, the nurse's area is your destination. Either way, you will need to sit in the area designated by the teacher and help maintain silence and stillness around you. This includes silencing your phone.

Note: During a lockdown, if you are not already in the building, you will not be allowed in the building once the doors are locked. The best thing for you to do is to seek shelter as quickly as possible elsewhere in the nearby community.



In the event of a fire or fire drill, unless otherwise informed, please use the closest exit to the playground and wait by the play structure. The office staff will be bringing, among other things, the volunteer and visitor check-in notebooks and will be taking your attendance. If anyone is missing, we have a team of experts to conduct a search and rescue. Therefore, you need to report in so we don’t send in a team to look for you unnecessarily. If your assistance is needed elsewhere, you will be notified.



Family Reunification
In the event of a more serious crisis, there is a plan for reunifying family members with their children. Because we need to ensure that students are going home with a trusted family member or emergency contact, this is a methodical, time-consuming process and we need your cooperation and patience. Your students will be well-cared for by our emergency teams.

To reunify with your children, please come to the back of the school and meet with the office team to check in and provide the name of the student you or the designated person is picking up. You will then be instructed where to go to be reunified with the student.

In the event that we need to evacuate and relocate, our relocation site has been identified as McClure Middle School (1915 1st Ave. W). Once there, we will have a family reunification plan and process in place similar to that described above, however it will be at McClure. McClure's main phone number is 206-252-1900.


What You Can Do at Blaine to Ensure Everyone’s Safety


Signing In

Whenever you enter our building, please make the front office your first stop and please sign in. In order to ensure your safety, should you be here during a drill or during an emergency event, we need to know that you are in the building. If you do not sign in, we do not know to account for you and therefore will not go looking for you should you not be at the designated area (see below). Thank you.



As winter descends upon us, visibility from automobiles decreases exponentially. Please exercise extreme caution when entering intersections surrounding our campus.

Please use crosswalks. All too often we see families sprint across streets, especially near the bus zones.

Photo by Dom J from Pexels


Please unload and load students in the designated area on 34th Ave West. The Pop Mounger pool parking lot is not a designated drop off zone.


Please do not stand near any entrances with your dog and do not leave your dog unattended. Dogs have bitten students on school property in the past and there are always some students who are fearful of dogs.

Cell phones

Please remain cell phone free. We have seen too many close-calls from people texting and talking on phones while inching forward.


If your student rides a school bus, please remind her/him of appropriate behavior in the bus lines while waiting for the buses as well as when riding them. The bus is their classroom and the driver is their teacher.





Click here to be taken to the 6crickets site, where you can view our range of extracurricular classes and activities.


School Directory


Welcome to the Blaine directory!

The directory is a great way for both parents and students to stay connected: get homework your child missed, make that party or holiday card list, or just touch base with another parent.

A password is required for access.

Click here to join the Directory.

You will then receive an email with a temporary password in order to update or add your family’s information to the directory.

We suggest you change your temporary password to your permanent one. Choose “Change Password” from the login page.

There is no PRINT directory.


Our Fundraising: What to Expect


During the school year, different groups will hold fundraisers. Here’s who the groups are, and how the funds will be used.



The Parent Teacher Association.

Any fundraiser that is PARENT driven is a fundraiser for the PTA and goes towards the PTA General Fund. The PTA pays for:

  • staff positions to keep Blaine’s class sizes small

  • dedicated recess supervision

  • classroom supplies

  • K-3 music program

  • Middle school writing and elective curriculum

  • Updating school library books and classroom libraries

  • Tiger Traits Social Learning program

  • New athletics and P.E. equipment

  • Assemblies like Taproot Theatre’s Bullying Prevention

    (for K-4) and Internet Safety (for 5-8)

  • Fun family nights



Several grade levels will hold smaller fundraisers to benefit grade-level specific trips- Fifth Grade fundraises for their trip to Islandwood, EiGHth Grade fundraises for their trip to Camp Orkila.



The Associated Student Body.

Any fundraiser that is STUDENT driven is an ASB fundraiser. ASB is the Student Council. Funds raised may be used for: cultural, athletic, recreational, or social purposes which are optional and non-credit. ASB helps to fund classroom and grade-level field trips. Last year, ASB helped fund the swim lessons for the 2nd-4th graders. Student Council has a three-part goal:

  1. Instilling leadership

  2. Teaching and maintaining fiscal responsibility

  3. Providing service service leadership



Funds benefit various outside charities, like the American Heart Association. Examples include Jump Rope for Heart and Pennies for Patients.




What are the differences between PTA and ASB? Where does the money raised go?

You’re not alone if you’ve had questions in this regard.

In a nutshell, any fundraiser that is STUDENT driven is an ASB fundraiser. ASB funds raised may be used only for cultural, athletic, recreational or social purposes, which are optional and non-credit.

All ASB fundraisers must be approved and voted upon by the Student Council. ASB is student government, with a 3-part goal of instilling leadership, teaching and maintaining fiscal responsibility and providing service learning opportunities.

ASB helps to fund classroom and grade-level field trips. ASB helps to fund the yearly (and much anticipated) pumpkin patch field trip for kindergarteners, swim lessons for 2nd – 4th graders, camp scholarships and all-school field trips.

Any fundraiser that is PARENT driven is a fundraiser for the PTA and goes towards the PTA general fund. The PTA general fund goes towards Writers in Residence, our math specialist, literacy specialist, new library books, technology support for the school, and new equipment for our PE classes.

ASB Fundraisers:

Sally Foster, Entertainment Books, Wreath Sales, Brown Bear Car Wash, Jamba Juice, Spirit Wear, Snacks & water in the office

PTA Fundraisers:

The Giving Campaign, Auction/Gala, Walk-a-thon, Box Tops & Labels for Education


What is the size of the PTA budget?

In the 2018-19 school year, the PTA budget is $275,000.


Where does PTA money come from?

100% of funding is provided by the families of Catharine Blaine K-8. There are three PTA fundraising efforts typically during the school year: Giving Campaign (historically raises $110-154K), Move-a-thon (around $20-30K) and a Gala/Auction (historically raises $50-$80K).

Blaine has moved to an every other year model for the Gala/Auction with the Auction being held in even years. Other fundraising activities include corporate matching programs, scrip programs such as AmazonSmile (totaling about $5K), Dine Out for Blaine Nights and Taco Tuesdays at Nutty Squirrel.


Will there be an auction this school year?

Auctions are held in even-numbered years with the last one held Spring 2018. Our auction is an outstanding event – but one that requires vast volunteer and community support and resources. After much consideration, Blaine has chosen to follow the lead of many of our peers and host an auction every other year. Even though Blaine is shifting away from an annual event, our fundraising needs have not diminished. To fully fund our student support initiatives, consider making a comprehensive commitment to the Giving Campaign in the years that auction is not held that encompasses your campaign gift and your planned donations that would have come to the school through the spring auction.


How will the PTA spend its budget in 2018-19?


How will the PTA spend its budget in 2018-2019?


How have recent changes in state education funding affected Catharine Blaine?

Since the landmark McCleary decision in 2012, the legislature has added additional funds for education each biennial budget cycle. After the 2017 legislative session, Seattle Public Schools suggested that the budget put forward by the Legislature does not achieve the state’s paramount duty to fully fund education.

Here are the three points the district wants you to know about the legislature’s budget plan:

Seattle taxpayers will be paying more to the state, but will see little benefit in our schools. State revenue generated by Seattle homeowners will be used to improve education across Washington state, but less dollars will flow locally.

The state will cap the amount per student we can raise through local tax levies starting in January 2019. Despite increased home values, we will be limited to $2,500 per student. This will be a significant loss of education funding for Seattle.

The state budget will not fully cover Seattle’s basic education expenses such as teacher salaries, special education and English Language Learner (ELL) supports and services. Education revenue from the state and what the district will be permitted to raise locally will fall short of what we currently spend on education to date.

The loss of local levies coupled with the fewer dollars flowing locally to our community from the state makes the money raised by our PTA vitally important to fund some of our basic education needs right here at Catharine Blaine.


Our family may be redistricted when Magnolia School eventually opens. Will you be helping the new school’s PTA?

Yes! The Blaine and Lawton PTAs’ plan to join efforts to gift the new Magnolia School PTA “seed” funds to start up their organization. We are also proactively helping them to start a PTA board to have a running start on Day 1 and will be mentoring them! Both PTAs have collaborated on a list of community fundraising events that we will be reviewing with our PTA memberships in November.


How is the PTA budget set?

The PTA budget process begins in March of each year, when the PTA Board Budget committee (President, VP, Treasurer, Fundraising) meets with the Building Leadership Team (BLT). Here, the BLT, composed of the administration as well as representative staff members, give feedback about how the support of the PTA can be best used to serve the goals of the school. This is incorporated into the overall funding priorities and recurring expenses of the PTA.

With this information, the budget committee holds three to four meetings to discuss the details of the budget. This includes setting fundraising goals to determine the amount of revenue as well as setting spending priorities to determine the level of expense. This information is summarized into a budget that is presented at the April meetings of the PTA Board and full association.


When does the PTA meet?

The PTA meets on the last Tuesday of the month, in the months of September, October, November, January, March, April and May. Childcare for potty trained and older kids is always provided. The PTA is at its best when we have a broad representation of parents and teachers sharing their thoughts and opinions. We hope you can make it.


Further questions? Email fundraising@blainepta.com.