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Why We Give…


Annual Giving Campaign

The Giving Campaign is an opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation directly to Blaine. Funding from the state and district remain inadequate to provide a quality education. As a school community, we must step up to provide the funds needed to fund some of Blaine’s most vital and engaging programs.

Everything you need to know about PTA’s primary fundraiser is here.


How To Volunteer

Catharine Blaine K-8 PTA is a fantastic way to get involved with our school and our community. Whether you can commit to a regular weekly schedule or are just available every now and then, there are many ways to get involved. Please email volunteering@blainepta.com if you are interested in volunteering.

A few examples:

  • Playground/recess helpers

  • Serving lunch in the cafeteria

  • Administrative/office help

  • Book fair

  • Auction and gala planning

  • …And more!

For the safety and security of our students and our school community, the Seattle Public Schools require that a screening check be completed before you can volunteer at school. Even if you don’t plan on being a regular volunteer, please follow the SPS Volunteering requirements listed here:

Please note the following expectations when volunteering at Blaine:

  • Chaperone Drivers must have Proof of Auto Insurance on prior to driving on a field trip.

  • All Volunteer and Visitors must sign-in and use an ID Sticker while on campus during school hours (8:55 am to 3:25 pm)

  • Please read and abide by the Volunteer Guidelines (below).

Questions? Feel free to email our PTA Volunteer Coordinator at volunteering@blainepta.com.

Volunteer Guidelines

Please observe these guidelines when volunteering. Thank you!

  • Sign IN and OUT in the main office every time you volunteer.

  • Wear your Volunteer ID Sticker while at school.

  • Volunteer for the WHOLE CLASSROOM, not just your child.

  • Try to be QUIET and unobtrusive in the classroom. Focus on your task and limit talking with other adults (it’s distracting to the class).

  • Academic instruction must be left to certificated classroom personnel (district regulations). Volunteers provide GENERAL HELP AND SUPPORT.

  • Respect CONFIDENTIALITY. Protect and respect information you see or hear, especially pertaining to a student’s work, behavior, or background.

  • Be courteous, exhibit good behavior, and otherwise PROVIDE A POSITIVE ROLE MODEL for our students.

  • Keep CELL PHONES OFF or on vibrate. If you need to take a call, please do so outside of the classroom.

  • While in the hall, SPEAK SOFTLY and stay clear of doorways. Voices carry into the classrooms and are distracting to students and teachers.

  • CONSULT THE TEACHER before bringing younger siblings or other children into the classroom with you when you volunteer.

  • Some teachers do not use volunteers in the classroom, but appreciate help OUTSIDE OF CLASS. Check with each teacher about his/her needs..



Even if you cannot donate your time, please consider donating to the PTA financially. Every dollar counts!


Giving Campaign FAQ


Q: Why a “Giving Campaign” instead of a traditional annual Auction?

Historically, our Auction tickets have cost $65 per person but to host the event it was actually a cost of $130 per person. It also took a small army of volunteers, many hours of hard work and continually strained our local businesses for donations to make this event happen. We continually got feedback that ticket prices could not go any higher so the PTA felt that changing the format of fundraising could more efficiently raise the most money without straining our volunteer and local community. This type of campaign also makes it accessible for everyone to give what they can and not just the small percentage of parents that attend the event. Lastly, with a Giving Campaign the full value of your donation is tax deductible; not just the amount you pay above the value of the item(s) purchased. example: vacation value =$1000 | you pay $1200 (you can only deduct $200).

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

YES! 100% tax deductible and 100% eligible for company matching. See the tab on this website for Donation Matching Companies. If your company is not on this list, please check with them directly, as they may match but have not been updated on our list.

Q: Is the Gala Event the same as the old Auction?

Not exactly, the Gala Event is our old auction reinvented. This will still be a fun and lively evening that will bring our Blaine community together as the auction has in the past. This evening will be more of a heavy appetizer and cocktail style and will have a fundraising aspect to the event. Cost still TBD, the event ticket price will cover the cost of the event and possibly even raise some money. The amount of fundraising will be determined solely by the success of the “Giving Campaign” and the amount of funds we raise.

Q: Where are my Giving Campaign donation dollars going?

Your money mostly supplements state funding or goes towards things not funded by the state. For example, beginning in January 2012 we began with a new math specialist. This position works closely with grade level teams throughout the school, a plan was created to re-align our current curriculum beginning with Everyday Math (EDM) in second grade and culminating in Algebra 1 for all eighth grade students. We have found this to be an important benchmark for our students to have when moving on to their high school career. The PTA funds also funds portion of our reading specials and supports our amazing Writers in Residence program for the middle school. The PTA also funds our school technology support and a large portion goes to basic classroom needs. $5,000 goes to classroom materials that are chosen by individual teachers and $5000 to a teacher grant. As a special project in the year 2012/2013 the PTA also funded a one time safety & security plan to help ensure the safety of our child while they are at school. This plans focus was to create a secure environment in the school with access during the day through only the office. As state funding continues to dwindle, our community will need to continue to support our outstanding educational programs that rely on parent contributions.

Click here for more information on budgeting.

Q: I have more than one student attending Catharine Blaine. Is the Giving Campaign asking me to donate $325 per student, or as a family?

We are asking for $325 for each child attending Catharine Blaine. The PTA spends more than $325 on each student every year through instructional support, classroom basics such as supplies, library books, art, drama and music supplies and student enrichment program not covered by the state. Your donation – along with money raised through the Gala celebration and move-a-thon, will ensure this level of quality instruction will continue this school year.

Q: Why do you want a pledge card back even if I can’t donate?

We want to know you received your letter and card and understand where your PTA dollars go – our ultimate goal is 100% participation! That means all 661 student cards back even if you don’t donate. Also, the grade that gets the most cards in gets the “Rockin’ Responders” Party during school! Details of the party will be tailored to the grade that wins.

Q: What if I lost my Orange Pledge Card?

You can download one online. It won’t be orange but that OK! It really the information that is needed. So please CLICK HERE to print a new card and make sure to return one (for each child) by October 25th so that they are eligible for the “Rockin’ Responders” Party.


Q: What if I’d rather write a check than use a credit card or pay online?

You still can! Just clip it to the orange card and send it back in your child’s folder. Or just drop it off in the main office. All checks and orange pledge cards will be collected after the second bell each morning and after the release bell in the afternoon. Or mail it back to the school:

Catharine Blaine K-8


2550 34th Avenue West

Seattle, WA 98199

Q: How secure is the information I provide?

Donations online are processed using PayPal a very secure and trusted service. Any gifts given to The Giving Campaign — either one-time donations, monthly pledges, or checks — will be handled by the PTA treasurers, Victoria Watson. All information is kept strictly confidential and logged only for tax letter purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns about your gift, please contact the treasurers directly, treasurer@BlainePTA.com.

For any other Giving Campaign questions, please contact fundraising@blainepta.com.


Q: I’d like to spread my donation out over several months. Can I do that online?

Yes, but you’ll need to use your PayPal account to do so. The website’s “Giving Campaign 6 Monthly Credit Card Payments” button walks you through the process. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

Q: My company would like to match my gift. What do I need to do?

Your company will most likely need the following information in order to match your donation:

Catharine Blaine PTA Tax ID: 91-1116257

NCES District ID:5307710

NCES School ID: 530771002017

Mailing Address:

Catharine Blaine K-8

c/o: Giving Campaign

2550 34 Av W

Seattle, WA 98199

For more info on company matching, click here.

Q: Is the PTA’s only fundraiser?

No. We the PTA, also host a Spring Gala event and the annual Walk-a-thon. Our hopes are that these events will only need to supplement any funds that are not raised during the Giving Campaign. You may see other fundraisers at school but most of these are either for ASB (Associated Student Body) or for a specific grade level.

The Catharine Blaine PTA also encourages families to collect Box Tops and labels for Education. Box Tops donates 10 cents per label. Receipts and Box Tops can be placed any time in the box located in the office. Labels for Education allows us to select from a catalog full of supplies for our school.

Click here for more events.

What is the difference between a PTA and ASB fundraiser?

In a nutshell… any fundraiser that is PARENT-driven is a PTA fundraiser. Funds raised through the PTA go to the PTA general fund. Unlike ASB, PTA can fund academic and curriculum items in addition to teaching positions. The PTA general fund for 2012-13 is funding – or helping to fund – Writers in Residence (professional writers in the classrooms for Middle School), our Math Specialist, our Literacy Specialist, our part-time tech specialist Matt Davison, as well as new equipment for our PE classes. PTA can choose to donate to the general ASB fund and/or to specific grade levels, as with Bike the Bluff (a fundraiser for 5th grade camp) and Back to School Night (a fundraiser for 8th grade camp) and the Walk-a-Thon. Because students are not selling any products, and a staff member is usually involved, these qualify as PTA fundraisers.

What is the “Rockin’ Responders” Party?

This is a party that your student can earn if he or she is part of the grade level that has turned in the highest percentage of orange response cards at the end of the “Invest In Your Child” Giving Campaign. That’s why we want you to turn in your orange response card whether you choose to donate or not. The winning grade level is chosen based upon percentage of cards returned – not money raised. The party details are still to be determined as it will be geared towards the grade level that wins.

I still have questions, who do I contact?

Please contact our PTA Fundraising team at fundraising@blainepta.com.

For the complete PTA volunteer directory, click here.





  • $123k ADDITIONAL TEACHING STAFF keeps our class sizes smaller than what the district provides.


  • $20k CLASSROOM SUPPLIES to establish new classrooms, reimburse each teacher for his or her out of pocket set-up costs, mini-grants for larger classroom needs (“Mini-Grants” are special funds teachers can apply for to cover the costs of larger classroom improvements like new rugs, project based learning, additional classroom tech or special software resources.)

  • $17k MIDDLE SCHOOL CURRICULUM funds new middle school elective curriculum and enhanced writing program (W.I.T.S. – Writers In The Schools)





  • $8k SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING/FAMILY NIGHTS funding for the T.I.G.E.R. Traits program,community-building family nights, student assemblies

  • $6k BLAINE HELPS – resources dedicated to families in need and scholarships for afterschool programs

  • $14k OTHER MISCELLANEOUS & ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS like insurance, website fees, tax prep, paypal fees, discretionary budget for administrators, facility upkeep, volunteer resources, teacher appreciation



If you don’t see your company on this list, please contact your company directly.



Adobe Systems, Inc.


Alaska Airlines

Allied Signal Foundation

Allstate Insurance Co.

American Express Co.

Amgen Foundation

Apex Foundation

Avaya, Inc.

AON Corporation

AXA Financial


Bank of America

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Boeing Company

Brinks Home Security


Charles Schwab and Co., Inc.

Cisco Systems, Inc.


Columbia Bank

Coca Cola Company

Costco Wholesale Corporation

CIGNA Healthcare


Davidson Companies

Dorsey & Whitney Foundation


Expedia, Inc.

Exxon-Mobil Corporation




General Electric Company


Goldman, Sachs



Home Depot


IKON Office Solutions, Inc.

Intel Corporation


J.P. Morgan, Chase and Co.

John Hancock Financial Services

Johnson & Johnson




Kimberly-Clark Corporation


Lockheed Martin Corporation

Lease Crutcher Lewis

Liz Claiborne


Macy’s, Inc.


Microsoft Corporation



Nike, Inc.

Nintendo of America, Inc.

Nordstrom, Inc




Paccar, Inc.

PepsiCo., Inc.

Perkins Coie, LLP

Piper Jaffray Companies, Inc.

Puget Sound Energy


Rain for Rent

Readers Digest


Regence Blue Shield




Sara Lee Corporation

Symetra Financial

Sysco Corporation


Union Bank of California, N.A.



Verizon Wireless


Wells Fargo


Xerox Corporation


Yahoo, Inc.