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Box Tops Due Friday Oct 28th

It’s Box Tops Time again! Due Oct 28th

Bring your Box Tops to school by this Friday.

Catharine Blaine collects Box Tops for Education to earn money for our school. All you have to do is cut the Box Tops logos from participating brands, save them up throughout the year, and send them into your child’s class. This is easy, free money that goes directly to our school to benefit our kids.

Save Box Tops all year long as we have two chances to earn cash per school year. Our first collection deadline is October 28th.

Our goal this year is to earn $1,000, which means we need each student to collect at least 13 Box Tops over the course of the year! The more the better. Ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors to collect them too. We’ll keep track and the class with the most Box Tops will earn a party at the end of the year. Check the PTA bulletin board outside the office to track our school’s and your class’s progress.

Box Tops can be found on many popular items such as General Mills cereals, Bisquick, Betty Crocker, Annie’s Mac & Cheese, Kleenex, Hefty trash bags, Ziploc bags, Land O’Lakes butter, and much more!

Check the website for more information and products.