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What are the differences between PTA and ASB?  Where does the money raised go?

You’re not alone if you’ve had questions in this regard.

In a nutshell, any fundraiser that is STUDENT driven is an ASB fundraiser.  ASB funds raised may be used only for cultural, athletic, recreational or social purposes, which are optional and non-credit.

All ASB fundraisers must be approved and voted upon by the Student Council.  ASB is student government, with a 3-part goal of instilling leadership, teaching and maintaining fiscal responsibility and providing service learning opportunities.

ASB helps to fund classroom and grade-level field trips.  Last year alone, ASB helped to fund the yearly (and much anticipated) pumpkin patch field trip for kindergarteners, swim lessons for 2nd – 4th graders, camp scholarships and the all school field trip to King Tut at the Pacific Science Center.

Any fundraiser that is PARENT driven is a fundraiser for the PTA and goes towards the PTA general fund.  The PTA general fund for 2012-2013 is funding or helping to fund, among other things, the Writers in Residence (Professional writers for Middle School), our math specialist, literacy specialist, new library books, technology support for the school as well as new equipment for our physical education classes.

Here are some examples of fundraisers that you may be seeing this year.

ASB Fundraisers:
Sally Foster
Entertainment Books
Wreath Sales
Brown Bear Car Wash
Jamba Juice
Spirit Wear
Snacks & water in the office

PTA Fundraisers:
The Giving Campaign

also, ongoing:
Box Tops & Labels for Education