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Rain or Shine Let’s Move-a-thon

Last Minute Reminders

Tomorrow is Move-a-thon! Rain or shine, we will be out on the Community Center fields! We have been watching the forecast closely…looks like the rain should hold off until late afternoon, and we have a backup plan if weather becomes an issue. The kids will have fun either way! On the plus side, no one should get too hot 🙂

Today, the kids will receive their Move-a-thon t-shirts. Be sure to show your Blaine Tiger Pride by wearing them Friday!

Click here for the SCHEDULE

All donations (online and offline) will be due JUNE 16th. You still have time to log on to  PledgeStar and ask your family and friends for pledges.

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up with PledgeStar, our online fundraising tool! Donors can pledge per lap or in a lump sum. And when you have more than one kid signed up, donations are automatically split evenly. It is secure and simple…donors are usually very happy to help, but you have to ask.  Of course, we  will accept cash and checks too….your packet includes a pledge envelope if you are collecting offline pledges.

We hope to see you there too on Friday, parents. While you are out to cheer on the kids, sign up here to help hand out water, pass out prizes and popsicles, or count laps.

As always, we thank you for your generosity and your time. Your contributions make Blaine a great place to grow!

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Blaine Fundraising

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