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Annual Fall Giving Campaign – October 9 – 27

At Catharine Blaine, we are Many Families, One Community. We are excited to announce the kickoff of our school’s Annual Giving Campaign-the PTA’s PRIMARY fundraiser, held October 9th through 27th.


Our school only receives less than $70 per child from Seattle Public Schools (after teacher salaries), which doesn’t even cover the essentials.  With your support, we hope to generate more than four times that amount because funding the needs of a school the size of Catharine Blaine is a big task!

Our 2017 expenses will top $226K, ALL OF WHICH ARE PAID FOR WITH MONEY RAISED BY THE PTA. When you give to Catharine Blaine’s Many Families, One Community Giving Campaign, you are investing in our community and making things happen that would otherwise not be possible.

The loss of local levies coupled with fewer state dollars to our community means the money raised by Catharine Blaine PTA funds some of our school’s most basic education needs. Without PTA fundraising, Blaine would lose staff members and some of our most vital and engaging programs.  To name a few, PTA fundraising allows for:

Additional staff to avoid strain of split-grade classrooms throughout K-8, Middle School Band, Fourth & Fifth Grade Instrumental Music, Writers In the Schools curriculum, Community-building events like Cultural Night and Student Assemblies, Teacher Professional Development, Dedicated Recess Supervision, Expanded Library Collections, Enhanced art programming, Mobile laptop carts, Families in Need programs.