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2016 Giving Campaign FAQs

I have more than one student attending Catharine Blaine. Is the Giving Campaign asking me to donate $325 for each student, or as a family?

We are asking for $325 for each child attending Catharine Blaine. The PTA spends more than $325 on each student every year through instructional support, classroom basics such as supplies, library books, art, drama and music supplies and student enrichment program not covered by the state. Your donation – along with money raised through the Gala celebration and Move-A-Thon, will ensure this level of quality instruction will continue this school year.

I’d like to spread my donation out over several months. Can I do that online?

Yes, but you’ll need to use your PayPal account to do so. The website’s “Giving Campaign 5 Monthly Credit Card Payments” button walks you through the process. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

 What if I lost my Orange Pledge Card?

You can download one online. It won’t be orange but that OK!  CLICK HERE to print a new card and make sure to return one (for each child) by November 10th so that they are eligible for the Free Recess Party!

What if I’d rather write a check than use a credit card or pay online?

You still can! Just clip it to the orange card and send it back in your child’s folder. Or just drop it off in the main office. We encourage you to use the white envelope provided to keep your orange card confidential. All checks and orange pledge cards will be collected after the second bell each morning and after the release bell in the afternoon.   Or mail it back to the school:

Catharine Blaine K-8
2550 34th Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98199

How secure is the information I provide?

Donations online are processed using PayPal Pro a very secure and trusted service. Any gifts given to The Giving Campaign — either one-time donations, monthly pledges, or checks — will be handled by the PTA treasurer, Wendi Bernard.  All information is kept strictly confidential and logged only for tax letter purposes.
If you have any questions or concerns about your gift, please contact the treasurer directly,
For any other Giving Campaign questions, please contact Becky Shields or Angela Herndon –

My company would like to match my gift. What do I need to do?

Your company will most likely need the following information in order to match your donation:
Catharine Blaine PTA Tax ID: 91-1116257
NCES District ID:5307710
NCES School ID: 530771002017

Mailing Address:
Catharine Blaine K-8
c/o: Giving Campaign
2550 34 Av W
Seattle, WA 98199

Here is a list of many companies that match

Is this Catharine Blaine’s only fundraiser?

No. We the PTA, will also be hosting a Spring Gala event and the annual Move-a-thon. Our hopes are that these events will only need to supplement any funds that are not raised during the Giving Campaign. You may see other fundraisers at school but most of these are either for ASB (Associated Student Body) or for a specific grade level.

The Catharine Blaine PTA also encourages families to collect Box Tops and labels for Education. Box Tops donates 10 cents per label. Receipts and Box Tops can be placed any time in the box located in the office. Labels for education allows us to select from a catalog full of supplies for our school.

What is the difference between a PTA and ASB fundraiser?

In a nutshell… any fundraiser that is PARENT-driven is a PTA fundraiser. Funds raised through the PTA go to the PTA general fund. Unlike ASB, PTA can fund academic and curriculum items in addition to teaching positions. PTA can choose to donate to the general ASB fund and/or to specific grade levels, as with Bike the Bluff (a fundraiser for 5th grade camp) and Back to School Night (a fundraiser for 8th grade camp) and the Move-a-thon. Because students are not selling any products, and a staff member is usually involved, these qualify as PTA fundraisers. See Fundraising at a Glance

What is the FREE Recess Party?

This is a party that your student can earn if he or she is part of the grade level that has turned in the highest percentage of orange response cards at the end of the Invest In Your Child Giving Campaign (November 10). The winning grade level is chosen based upon percentage of cards returned – not money raised. The party details are still to be determined as it will be geared towards the grade level that wins.

 I still have questions, who do I talk to?

Please contact our PTA Fundraiser – Angela Herndon: