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During the school year, several different groups will hold fundraisers. PTA fundraisers benefit the school overall, others are specific to certain groups or grade levels. Here’s who the groups are, approximately when they’ll hold their fundraisers, and a brief explanation of how the funds are used by each group.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Any fundraiser that is PARENT driven is a fundraiser for the PTA and goes towards the PTA General Fund. The PTA’s General Fund provides the majority of funds to Catharine Blaine as a whole – subsidizing staff positions to keep Blaine’s class sizes smaller, Middle School and 4th-5th grade band, recess supervision, teacher grants for classroom enhancements, Middle School Writing and Science Curriculums, new technology throughout the school, updating the school library books and classroom libraries, Tiger Traits Social Learning program, new athletics and PE equipment, art and drama supplies.

The Associated Student Body (ASB)

Any fundraiser that is STUDENT driven is an ASB fundraiser. ASB is the Student Council. Funds raised may be used for cultural, athletic, recreational or social purposes which are optional and non-credit. Student Council has a three-part goal: instilling leadership, teaching and maintaining fiscal responsibility, and providing service learning opportunities. ASB helps to fund classroom and grade-level field trips. Last year, ASB helped to fund the swim lessons for the 2nd-4th graders.

Several grade levels will hold smaller fundraisers to benefit grade-level specific field trips. Examples: 4th graders and 5th graders may host popcorn sales or host the Variety Show to accumulate funds to pay for their science class field trip to IslandWood in 5th grade.


Examples include Jump Rope for Heart, Pennies for Patients. Funds benefit various outside charities, like the American Heart Association.

You will get more information about each fundraiser from the PTA and from your teacher as they get closer. We will communicate which group is doing the fundraising as well as what the proceeds of the fundraising support. And you can always find info about fundraising online at

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Blaine also receives thousands of dollars in funding from a number of passive fundraising opportunities like Box Tops for Education and Amazon Smile and it is EASY to help.