Catharine Blaine: 206-252-1920

4th Annual Cultural Night – Thursday, Feb 8th 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Cultural Night is a FREE family event at Blaine! The school hallways are lined with tables, where our own Blaine families can share photo’s, traditions and experiences about their heritage & culture. We will have over 25 tables, each representing a different country. You and your children can walk the hallways, learning from each family table. It is a great night to meet other Blaine families, and learn how we all make our community special.

Did you know Cultural Night is the same night as the start of the Winter Olympic Games?? This year we will incorporate the Olympic theme into Cultural Night, by having interesting and fun Olympic facts at each table. Come learn about the history of the Olympics and fun facts from the countries of Cultural Night.

In the Cafeteria, you can sample foods from across the world! Blaine families can bring dishes they would like to share. Stop by the cafeteria to sample foods you may have never tasted before!

Art station – we will have an art station with fun interactive art activities for all ages!


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