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3rd Annual Cultural Night – Thurs Feb 9th @ 6 – 8 pm


“The Great Suitcase Challenge”

While on your travel adventures around the world, look for the little brown suitcases at certain country tables and figure out which fun fact (in your passport) goes with which country. Answer correctly and you will receive a stamped paper suitcase. Write your first and last name on the back and enter the GREAT SUITCASE PRIZE DRAWING. Find as many suitcases as you can.

Metsker Maps has generously donated the three prizes for the GREAT SUITCASE PRIZE DRAWING:

Explorer Globe, Maps Illustrated Atlas, and
 Desk Map/Giant Desk Pad



A full-costume traditional dance performed by the “BALLET FOLKLORICO ANGLES DE MEXICO”

Also performing throughout the evening – individuals from our very own Catharine Blaine Middle School Band/Orchestra.

Cultures and family stories of our Blaine community.
Textiles-Music-Flags-Games-Arts and Crafts-Photos-Facts-Language
Visit the 34 countries and have your passport stamped
Enjoy delicious world cuisine
Answer Country Clues and Enter to Win Prizes
Wear YOUR traditional dress
FOOD!!! Sign up to share a favorite family food. We will bring all our special foods together to experience a ‘Bite of Blaine’ and taste the wide variety of foods that our families love. Bring a dish that can be served in small portions so many people can sample. Sample cups and serving supplies provided. (Serving size: at least one-two dozen). Email to sign up.